GCM - News.   2024.

       Bulgaria Outreach.
  Fri 14Th to 20Th June.

Soon we go for Europe Revival - Meetings in Bulgaria, as we had talk about.  

We look so much forward for this event.

Thanks for your prayer, can you support us, be welcome.

                                   Ev Jørgen Iversen.

1 February, 2024.

Over the Spring / Summer we already now work for some Outreach in Bulgaria. It will be over different places / Churches, with Conferences etc.

Latest news ( 26 Marts ) we know now it will be in June 2024.

For you there follow us, thanks you will remember us in your Prayer and Support.

Sunday 14 January.
We were invited again to Nepal, for a the
3rd Global Mission Summit with,
Pastor Dhan Lama.

It will be online over Zoom.

It was a great opportunity for us to stand with you all. Great to be with people from 4 continent :  Usa - Western - Asien - Australien / New Zealand.
Big thanks to Pastor Dhan Lama / Team.
God Bless you all there.

World Mission News 2023.

February 2023.

Our Februar Outreach  :  8 - 16 Februar  we go to Kigali, in Rwanda. 

Our HOST :  Rev. Munyaneza Jackson & Ev. Richard Okeny, Kigali.                                                        Here we visit different Churches in Kigali and outside of town, with Revival Conference etc. Big thanks to our Hosts, it was fantastic to see & feel your passion for people outside the Church. They had just finish the new Church ( as you can see down under ) , it was the plan there should had been a official Church Dedication Sunday morning, but something went wrong.  ( just 2 weeks after I go home, they had a officiel oppening ).                                                 

Fantastic meetings, people got saved, we saw people got healed, indeed we saw Gods power redeemed  many people.   All Glory to God . . . 

April 2023.

Wednesday 5`Th April Pm evening, we will go online on ZOOM to :

" DHAN LAMA MINISTRIES INTL" , Nepal Asia. We shall try to encourage  20/25  Pastors / Missionary, to go on with the fire of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Nepal. Fantastic open people to preach for, they doing a great work there. A Country with just 1 % christians, the needs is big there. But they do all they can. We had an invitation from there for a while, for a big Crusade later this year 2023. Big Thanks to Dhan Lama Ministries / Team.

April 2023. 

Our April Outreach in Uganda : 11 Th - 23 Th April.    IS CANCELED,  sorry . . .                                       

 We should  have been 3 places in Kampala & 1 place in Jinja. The biggest place was in Kampala, they canceled in April & move it to August . . .                                                                                                Nevermind we go on, now we look forward for June, were we go to Kenya . . . 

 May 2023.

Wednesday evening 3 May we go Online on Zoom to Dhan LamaMinistries Intl. Nepal, Asia 

We go for his Bible School Class, to teach and encourage the students. 

It was a great experience to talk to the Bible students, they were on fire for God and want to reach Nepal for Jesus.

Friday evening 5 May we go back Online on Zoom to Dhan Lama Ministries in Nepal.

Here we will talk to an Youth Conference / Crusades, I'm already so excited . . . 

More will soon come . . 


June 2023.

Our June Outreach will go to Kenya.  ( 1th - 14th / June ).  

Here we will visit more places Mombase  / Matuu / Sofia etc . . . There will be   

come 2 days more . . . 

Update . . . 

Our June Outreach in Kenya has been canceled . . .                                     

Fri 8th September Event in our own Hometown.

We always have our information GCM Mission Meeting in Church, this time we have rent our local Hall in our town, Brønderslev. Denmark.                          

                          We need more Sponser`s.

It's about survival  for GCM-World Mission, after 7 years Outreach in Africa.  Shall we go on, we most have more sponsors, else we must close for Africa.


Can YOU help us . . . Ask YOUR heart . . . Im so sure the Holy Spirit, will give YOU an answer , my friend.

The  Mission command is still alive, therefore we go.  Hmm, but it seems if you are looking around :  Mission - or Go out, has been an extra ordinary active  /  action ??  

 Some said, We Evangelist has been too much busyto reach people to the end of the world.           

As we see it, if we not have distress for the un-saved on our hearts, something is wrong.

Therefore can YOU help us on the road again, about economy.  " Be a SPONSER "

every month, or maybe just a one time offer. 

THANKS for your help.   God Bless you.

   Saterday 9 September.

We were invited to have an Online meeting  

in Pakistan. We look forward for this.

Thanks if you will remember us

in your Prayer.

                              " Moment with God "                              
New online program on ZOOM, it will be an International program for all.
First we try every second week, Monday evening. 

First meeting will be Monday 16 October evening.

If YOU find this interesting, write us on Messenger, and I will give you
Meeting ID  /  PassCode.
Greetings Mr / Mrs.  Ev Jørgen Iversen.

" Nigeria Crusade "  

         20 - 23 October.

Our friend, Tudi Niko has invite us to come   

for a Crusade in Nigeria.

He had accept we go Online for 2 days there. Sunday 22 / Monday 23 October. 

Remember us in your Prayer. THANKS.

Our situation - October 2023.

Over some months we had tried to look forward for OUTREACH In AFRICA in 2024.

It's seems difficult just now, must say the last 7 year with Outreach in Africa has taken much of our own economy and the last about 2 years with Covid - 19, later war here and there, the sponsers had going down too. 

Therefore we most declare , October 2023 : 

We most close down for Outreach in Africa, for a while / or permanent.

We have a lot invitations for next year, they all are knowing our situation. We had hope for a 

couple of years more, so we could do our job finish.

We looking forward, stand with us in prayer. The Lord opening a door for us for years ago, He can do it again.  Hallelujah. 


Much love.   MR / MRS.  Jørgen Iversen.