News - Letter.  2024.

Enjoy our Newsletter, it will come out every Quarter.  ( January - April - July - October  )

January News - Letter.

Soon there will come some News.


News - Letter.  2023.

Enjoy our Newsletter, it will come out every Quarter, 2023.  ( January - April - July - October )

April News-Letter is out.

Lean back & enjoy what God is doing Worldwide. 
We could like if  YOU  could help us to pray  

together with us for : 

Crusade in Nepal in November 2023.

Crusade in Pakistan February 2024.

Pray the finance most come in.

BIG THANKS  /  God Bless YOU.



July Newsletter is out.

This newsletter is different.  As you maybe can see below, our economy is falling.  We has chosen to stop up a little, with the Africa Mission for a while.  What are we going to do  ??? 

Our economy for Mission must come up, else we can't go again  ???  Can YOU help us . . . We miss monthly Partners, people there love Missions . . . 

Stand with us in prayer for Harvest in GCM-World Mission.

Much love :  Ev Jørgen & Merethe Iversen

God Bless YOU.  

November Newsletter 2023.

Be sponser in GCM - World Mission.
Can you help us to go out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Africa and other places
in 2024.
Big THANKS for YOUR help.

For support OUTSIDE of Denmark :
IBAN : DK 1390 - 3300000 - 80691
May God Bless YOU.